As a historian with major teaching fields in both the medieval and modern Middle East, and substantial background and research in cultural linkages, I am prepared to teach a variety of courses on the Middle East/North Africa, as well as broader courses of interest on the Mediterranean, the Silk Route, and the Indian Ocean world.

Courses I have taught:

  • The Middle East from WWI to the Syrian Civil War (St. Edward’s University, Spring and Fall 2017)
  • Introduction to the Middle East: Religious, Cultural, Historical Foundations (University of Texas at Austin, Summer 2017);
  • Introduction to the Middle East and North Africa (St. Edward’s University, Spring 2018)
  • Terrorism and Extremism (St. Edward’s University, Fall 2018)
  • Modern Egypt (St. Edward’s University, Spring 2019)
  • The Middle East from Muhammad to the Mongols (St. Edward’s University, Spring 2019).
  • World War I: The Colonial Experience (University of Texas at Austin, Spring 2020)

Survey/Lower Division courses I am prepared to teach:

  • History of Islamic Civilizations, 600-1500
  • The Silk Route
  • The Indian Ocean World
  • History of Islamic Spain
  • The Medieval Mediterranean
  • History of the Ottoman Empire
  • Introduction to Islam
  • Introduction to the Contemporary Middle East/North Africa

I am also prepared to teach world history surveys focusing on the period from Late Antiquity to the present, especially those that are non-western focused.

Upper Division/Graduate courses I am prepared to teach:

  • Terrorism and Extremism (this is a globally focused course)
  • The Middle East from WWI to Da’esh
  • Modern Egypt
  • World War I in the Middle East
  • Comparative Statebuilding: Egypt, Turkey, and Iran
  • The Development of Public Health in 20th Century Egypt
  • Environment, Health, and Nationalism in the Middle East, 1800-1930
  • Epidemics and Politics during World War I